Active Parks Field Trip | 3 May

Join this tour of three recently-developed Auckland parks to take a first-hand look at the latest industry benchmark in sports turf development.

You’ll hear from industry experts on control technology, and how Auckland Council utilises this to gain efficiencies and provide sustainability in park management and maintenance. You’ll also hear from sports turf experts at NZSTI, with detailed information on the process of installing the latest hybrid-turf pitches, including a visit to two completed turfs and a development site.

Finally, you’ll can view and test the latest in equipment for maintenance of natural, artificial and hybrid turfs, as well 

Field Trip Itinerary

  • 9:00am: Meet outside the Novotel Ellerslie collection point. Depart for Nixon Park (15 minutes)
  • 9.30am, Nixon Park: Hear from Spencer Myer, the park's turf consultant of the development and installation of industry-leading turf, including open Q&A session with Spencer and Tyla Otene (Auckland Council Sports Turf Specialist)
  • 10.15am: Depart Nixon Park and travel to Fred Taylor Park (25 minutes)
  • 10.40am, Fred Taylor Park: Tour of the newly developed couch turf and take a first hand look at their automated tank control, lighting control & irrigation control. Listen to Selwyn Matthews on the efficiencies to be gained from a comprehensive control system.
  • 11.30am, Depart Fred Taylor Park. Travel to Fowlds Park (25 minutes
  • 12:00pm: Lunch break
  • 12:30pm, Fowlds Park: See the project in development. A different phase of development will be showcased, a site tour of this park will be hosted by Tyla Otene and Spencer Myer. Once the tour is completed, a turf maintenance and irrigation demonstration will take place courtesy of the Parkland turf equipment and irrigation specialists.

 Our Speakers


Tyla Otene

Auckland Council
Sports Turf Specialist


Spencer Myer



Selwyn Matthews

Parkland Products
Irrigation Control Manager


David Pearce

Parkland Products
Irrigation Manager


Craig Johnston

Parkland Products
Equipment Manager